Organic Firming Toner

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This revitalising toning mist moistures, balances and prepares your skin for your subsequent skincare. It optimises the absorption of the nurturing bio-active ingredients in your serum and cream, leaving skin feeling fresh, firm and hydrated.


Our Toner is designed to be the ideal bridge between the cleansing ritual and the following skincare. The bio-active ingredients remove the last remaining impurities and maintain the skin moisture level, because moisturized skin absorbs actives more efficiently. Plankton extract calms the skin, especially after the cleansing and exfoliation ritual. Furthermore it acts as a great 'superfood' for the skin together with Vitamin C, both providing great rejuvenation efficacy. Our Toner leaves the skin firm and supple, ready for your next skincare.


  • ginger water
    Has an anti-inflammatory action, improves skintone and promotes skin regeneration.
  • acacia senegal gum
    Smoothes and firms skin, making fine lines less visible.
  • algae extract
    Contains the most absorbable form of vitamin B12.


Free from parabens, mineral oils, colorants and silicones.

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